Groupe Créations Perrin

Premium quality skins since 1869

"What we create is made to be touched and to touch the spirit. Durable perfection of function and durable intensity of emotion: this is our dual objective."

Swiss company Schweizer & Schoepf has developed its business hand in hand with the watchmaking industry for more than 145 years. When watches migrated from pockets to wrists, it was one of the first firms to start making leather watch straps. This historic workshop continues to specialise in handcrafted, meticulously finished items for luxury Swiss timepieces.

For over a century, Schweizer & Schoepf has been working premium and precious leathers with the hand, eye and heart of the artisan… and with the logic and potential of the businessperson. The first workshop was named after its two founders and set up in 1869, right in the middle of the watchmaking revolution. The company developed in the birthplace of the watchmaking industry and its artisans worked both wood and leather. Our history means that S&S is the only company in Switzerland producing both watch straps and leather-covered objects.

Our Swiss Schweizer & Schoepf facility is famous for its artisan know-how and outstanding expertise in the production of traditional, premium watch straps with cut or rembordé edges. Our admiration and enthusiasm for leather make us experts in our field. Today, sixty employees use deft hands and skilled eyes to enthusiastically perpetuate this unique tradition dating back more than a century.

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