Groupe Créations Perrin


"It is above all the multitude of precise and perfectly executed operations that make a Perrin strap different from the rest." Jean-Claude Perrin, founder

Créations Perrin is famous for its craftsmanship and expertise, and internationally recognised for its superbly produced premium watch straps made from leathers and other fine materials.

Pushing beyond the possible!
Entirely handcrafted by our meticulous artisans, Perrin watch straps take time, patience and outstanding know-how unique to the industry. From selecting the very best quality leathers to product packaging, no fewer than 65 manual operations are required to produce one of our straps. They are also rigorously inspected both during and after production.

From one-off pieces to large production runs, our watch strap workshops are able to meet your every need, adapting to your requirements and making your projects a reality.

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